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What do you do when forces outside your control turn your life upside down?

It's easy to get confused, overwhelmed, and lost when life suddenly rearranges on you. The good news is, you're not doomed to stay stuck; you CAN find your path in the midst of chaos and follow it until you're on the other side – especially when you have the right support along the way. We're on a mission to provide low-cost, no-cost, and professional coaching so you can navigate the shifts life throws your way and live in alignment with what truly matters TO YOU.

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Clarify What Matters

Reconnect to your purpose and what you truly value, so you can create a meaningful action plan in alignment with what really matters.

Discover What's Possible

Let go of anything keeping you from looking outside the box, dare to dream, and learn how to bring that dream into reality.

Commit To Yourself

Develop a plan to get to where you want to go in life, take action in alignment with your plan, and track your progress along the way.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is the process of Self-discovery where you learn how each part of you works together to create synergy. Through this process, you cultivate the ability to be fully present, which will naturally shift your perspective about yourself and your life.

Yoga has a strong philosophy designed to bring your life into harmony. The core principles are kindness, compassion, and love for all beings, transcending any culture or religion. The strong sense of community between yogis has been established because of yoga philosophy, giving people who have never met before a common language.

The path of the yogi requires a strong focus on growth, plus a willingness to shift our thinking and actions so we can achieve our goals

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a personal development technique that existed long before sports coaching. At the time, a “coach” was a horse-drawn carriage used to transport people.

Later on, “coach” became slang for a tutor who would "carry" a student to the completion of their exams.

Life coaching is the process of creating relationships and developing partnerships with clients to support them to reach their maximum personal or professional potential.

Why Do Yogis Make The Best Coaches?

Let's Take A Look At The Similarities Between Yoga & Life Coaching...


Yoga starts with presence, the first of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra is "NOW is yoga." Yogis train their awareness to be fully present in this moment, and through the cultivation of their presence, they develop connection first with themselves, then with their students.

Yogis start every āsana class by setting an intention for their practice, something that inspires them to stretch themselves as they grow into the individuals they really want to be.

Yoga teachers hold space for their students to process anything that might arise on the mat, often listening intently to their students before and after class to help them integrate the different parts of themselves.

Yoga teachers learn to trust their intuition, providing the right cues, adjustments, and modifications to help their students receive the maximum benefit from their practice.

Yogis strive for alignment in life, looking for ways to bring the various parts of themselves and their lives into harmony by making small adjustments -- on and off the mat. 


Coaches cultivate their awareness so they can be fully present with their clients. They let go of anything that might distract them from the conversation so they can develop the connection and trust their clients need to transform their lives.

Coaches rely on the power of intention to help their clients get where they really want to be,  clarify agreements, and make sure each coaching session is bringing their clients one step closer to their ideal destination.

Coaches hold space for their clients, actively listening as they share what is real for them, asking heart-centered, growth-oriented questions to help their clients to find their own answers to their deepest questions.

Coaches trust their intuition to guide them when working with their clients so they can ask, listen, and respond to their clients in a way that inspires growth and builds connection.

Coaches constantly check for alignment with their clients, assisting their clients to make commitments that will guide them to successfully fulfill their intentions and get to where they really want to be. 

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You don't need to figure it all out on your own

We're here to help you reconnect to who you really are and discover where it is you truly want to be so you have the confidence to navigate the shifts life throws your way without losing sight of where you're going or who you are.

Your circumstances don't define you, and you don't have to stay stuck in overwhelm and confusion.

Real human connection focused on what matters TO YOU is critical right now. Become part of the Yoga & Life Coaching Community and experience what it's like to be cared for, and let's get you out of the crushing chaos so you can get on the path to where you want to be, with the confidence to take the right actions to get there AND the support of a coach who is devoted to your success.


Become Part of the Yoga & Life Community

We're here to offer the guidance you need to get to where you really want to go while becoming the person you are called to be. Below you'll find some of the ways we can support you, both as a client and as a student.



with a COACH Training Student

In order for COACH Training students to graduate, they need to complete at least 20 hours of practice coaching sessions with a variety of practice coaching clients.

There are several different session types to choose from and it all starts with getting your name on the waitlist.

When you choose this option, you'll become a practice coaching client, helping a student move closer to their goal WHILE getting real results from the coaching you receive.

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with a COACH Training Graduate

Once our students graduate from COACH Training, we help them create a truly sustainable business, based on what matters to them.

While graduates are getting to know who their ideal clients are and how to effectively talk about what they do, we support them by offering a promo package.

When you say yes to low-cost coaching, you get access to affordable coaching (6 sessions) while helping a grad grow a business that's aligned with their purpose.

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with a Certified Yoga & Life Coach

Once certified, many of our coaches go on to conduct customized case studies to track the shifts that occur for their ideal clients after just six sessions together. 

Certified coaches are also beginning to develop their own content and test it with real clients so that it's both authentic for them AND effective for their clients. 

When you say yes to working with a certified coach and participating in a case study, you get quality coaching at an affordable rate.

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by applying for COACH Training

Yoga teachers deserve to thrive outside the yoga studio. We teach them how!

Learn to repurpose the skills you've cultivated in yoga to become a thriving life coach in the only coach training that's been built by yoga teachers for yoga teachers, based on the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras.

When you enroll in COACH Training, you get the skills needed to conduct a variety of coaching sessions as well as a full suite of business-building bonuses!

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