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Yoga teachers deserve to thrive outside the yoga studio. We teach them how.

Next Training Begins June 20, 2022
Registration Closes June 10, 2022
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Become a Part of a Heart-Centered, Global Community that Cares

Experience Life Coach Training Based on the Wisdom of Yoga Philosophy 

Earn A Sustainable Living Without Becoming A Business Expert

Aren't you ready to stop choosing between your survival and living on purpose?

In these uncertain times, many yoga teachers are trying to navigate the shift from the sanctity of the yoga studio to the wild world of online business, only to be disappointed when their students don't show up to their virtual classes. Like you, we are frustrated to see so many yoga teachers stuck in overwhelm and stressed out as they try to find a way to pay the bills that is in alignment with their purpose.

"COACH Training is a holistic method of instruction, designed for yoga teachers and practitioners to enhance their personal growth, serve their communities, and gain the professional skills to experience financial freedom in an authentic way."
~ Becky Center, Founder of Yoga & Life Coaching

Align Your Life With What Matters

Personal Growth

Get a clear understanding of what really matters to you, know your purpose, establish your vision, and create a meaningful mission to get to where you really want to be.

Public Service

Make the world a better place by supporting your community throughout training, offering the gift of transformation as you develop your coaching skills.

Professional Success

Generate a sustainable income by making a real difference in the lives of your clients so you can stop choosing between your survival and your desire to be of service.

Imagine What's Possible...

"I got WAY more than I expected out of COACH Training. I gained a much deeper understanding of myself, my core values, and how different parts of me show up in the world - in addition to learning to coach. I was able to uncover and move past limiting beliefs, shift my communication patterns with my child and partner so we can have deeper conversations, instead of surface-level arguments."

Kerstin Phillips

"There is literally no negative outcome of COACH Training, even if you don’t actually end up being a coach. It teaches so many other things that you can integrate into your own life. Literally, it changes lives! Why would you turn down something that is possibility-oriented, focused on creating a future that you REALLY want to live? The whole world could use the tools and practices learned from the COACH Training, and it can really be applied anywhere!" 

Dr. Sarah Lee

"I was concerned about my ability to make money after COACH Training. Starting with practice clients was a great way to ease into the work and give you a jumping-off point to get right into making an offer! Two paid offers were accepted within the first week following COACH Training. With those 2 clients, I got my investment back."

Casey Deschene
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The Path To Thriving

Click "APPLY NOW" to complete and submit your application for COACH Training.

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Complete the course material for COACH Training: classwork, homework, & final exam.

Engage in The Marketing Collective to clarify your message and attract your ideal clients.



Here's What You'll Get:

  • 24 LIVE, 2-hour Training Classes:
    2 Classes Per Week
  • 24 Online Training Classes:
    2 Classes Per Week (~2 Hours)
  • Weekly Peer Coaching With Your Partner:
    1+ Hour Per Week
  • Earn Your Level 1 Certification:
    1+ Hours of Homework Per Week
    2+ Hours Practice Coaching Per Week
    The Art of Getting Affiliate Income
    The Art of Collective Marketing
    The Art of Authentic Branding
    The Art of Aligned Offers

    Commitment: 10+ Hours Per Week
    *Partial Scholarships Available
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Are You Ready... go from feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stressed out to being excited, inspired, and open to new possibilities that will allow you to thrive while providing life-changing service for your communities?

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Experience COACH Training before you apply...

We understand that committing to an immersive training is a BIG decision. You need to know that you're stepping into an environment where you can be real and connect deeply with the instructors and other students, so you can thrive throughout your training.

We want you to KNOW you're in the right place before you commit, so we created the Introduction To COACH Training, so you can experience the community for yourself.

You'll discover how COACH Training works, what you'll learn along the way, and how we'll assist you to create a sustainable coaching business based on what matters TO YOU. 

Plus, you'll get to check out all the Bonus Business Courses you'll get access to once you're accepted into COACH Training. All you need to do is click the button below and follow the instructions to enroll -- you don't even need a credit card. The Introduction To COACH Training is our gift to you, so we can make sure we're in alignment BEFORE you enroll.


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